FIRECLASS – A new class of Fire Detection

Who and what is FireClass?

 Who and what is FireClass? Fireclass is a revolutionary new class of commercial fire detection products. Comprising a comprehensive range of fully approved quality products designed and manufactured in Europe, FireClass is designed to appeal to both the end user and installer. It is the latest fire detection technology packaged as an easy to install, out-of-the-box, digital open-protocol solution. Designed and engineered in Europe, FireClass technology is part of Tyco International, the world leader in fire and security solutions. Tyco has been specialising in fire detection control equipment for the last 50 years. Our team of expert engineers and designers have been developing fire detection solutions for a wide range of environments from simple conventional systems to complex integrated systems for hazardous industrial installations.

This expertise and heritage has been responsible for innovative solutions over the years including the first carbon monoxide fire detection technology for commercial environments and triple sensing technology. It is this expertise which has now been applied to the FireClass technology to bring you FireClass – a new class of fire detection solution designed to meet all your needs from a single supplier.

The FireClass range of equipment includes, conventional, addressable, gas extinguishing control panels with a suite of ancillaries including detectors, sounders, call points.

Fire Alarm 

fire alarm system  warns people when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other fire-related emergencies are detected. These alarms may be activated..